Let's Talk About Love - course in love and relationships

Are you still looking for the one ? Do you think that dating is frustrating? Are you in a relationship, but it feels like something is missing? Do you feel stuck and don't know what to do? Do you feel alone?

If one or more answers are 'yes', then this course is for you.

We are going to learn a lot of different theories about relationships, exchange our experiences and by the end of the course you are going to have detailed plan designed just for you. You will get some input from the people being in the same situation and hopefully be on the way to fulfilling your dreams. It will be a lot of room for discussion, exercises and some fun projects.

Here are some of the topics we are going to discuss:

- Dating without drama
- Biology and hormones
- Circling introduction
- Authentic communication
- Five phases in every relationship
- Spiral dynamics in a relationship
- Six core human needs
- Relationship dynamics
- How do we fight and forgive?
- Imago match vs. 'soulmate'
- Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
- Attachment theory
- Carl Jung's and I. Briggs Myers' personality type theory
- Four basic female and male archetypes
- How to successfully flirt
- Dating/internet dating
- What is next?

The spoken language will be either English or Norwegian, depending on the group.

Course overview
The course includes two full weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 18) with five weeks in between, optional group projects in between those two weekends, close Facebook group only for the participants of the course, short one on one couching with each participant, follow up during and after the course, etc. OBS. 17th May will be the perfect opportunity for you to test your new knowledge.

Course facilitator is Eve Anna, the founder of Working On a Dream .

Eve Anna is social-coach and engineer with experience in education sector, humanitarian work, marine design and social services. She has more then 20 years experience in failing, not giving up, dating and successful building long-term relationships. She likes to help people through teaching, motivational conversations, coaching and practical advices. She is very much interested in self-development and has a grate hope for the humanity. She has a pleasant personality and is helpful and inspiring. Furthermore, she takes initiative, she is very committed, loyal and one you can trust. Welcome!!

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