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Reiki online course in english

The course will be held over two evenings from 18-21. When we are doing the practical work we will be offline.

Max 6 participants

In advance of - and during the course you will get access to parts of the seminar in sound and video. This is important parts of the seminar that you will listen to and watch on your own. In addition there will be a follow-up conversation online.

In the Reiki 1 course you receive four initiations and reiki in your hands for the rest of your life. You learn how to give reiki to yourself and others, learn Reikis history and what reiki is in an easy, fun and comprehensible way. You learn the essence of reiki: Giving yourself a selftreatment. And you learn about chakras - and spiritual development with reiki.

The course will give you the same knowledge as in a weekend course.

There will be a lot of practical exercises - when we practice you can log off from the internett. That way we will not be online for hours.

The teaching will be in Skype. You will get a link with an invitation. If you are not sure about how to do this, we can do a rehearsal in advance.

Reiki is the most amazingly simple healing technique and gives you new energy, new strength, rest, better health - and strong personal and spiritual growth. An amazing way to take really good care of yourself and become more of what you are. Reiki is like a charger, so good in our hectic everyday lives.

Price 2500,-

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  • 21-06-2021


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Sagveien 28, Oslo, Norge


Reiki med Liv Seiff

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Praktiske detaljer

The seminar is held 21 and 22 of juni from 18-21
The teaching will be in Skype
You will receive link to the meeting and sound and videofiles as soon as you have singed up




Liv Seiff





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